City Apartment Munich

The City Apartment, located near the river Isar, was completely gutted and renovated by Holzrausch. The focus of the renovation was to bring daylight into the existing bathroom. For this purpose, an opening was created between the bathroom and the kitchen, of which the central design element is a washstand made of Nagelfluh stone. The continuous water trough serves as a washstand in the bathroom and as a sink in the kitchen. The window above can be covered by a mirrored sliding panel, hidden behind the fittings. The apartment's old herringbone floors have been partially replaced and combined with modern built-in solutions in steamed oak. Storage space plays a important role: a sideboard element continuing along the facade, runs through the entire apartment. By changing the floor plan the kitchen was opened towards the living space. To match the old coffered doors of the two-room apartment, an artisan blacksmith made fittings from burnished brass. Walls, doors, and windows were painted in light shades of gray.