Van B

We are above the rooftops of the city. Perhaps in the evening, during summer. Munich is glowing. Once again, and always. The lights of the big city and its unmistakable roar. It's easy to imagine it could be Paris or Rome. Our gaze wanders once more, then a few steps down the stair sculpture, striking in its form and painted in a vibrant olive hue, and we immerse ourselves in the dark and tranquil penthouse loft that unfolds before us. The Holzrausch Edition Van B.

A play of contrasts on around 170 square meters, already laid out in the spatial program and finely balanced in harmony of form, color, and material. Warmly surrounded by a wall paneling in dark wood, which separates the public area from the privately used rooms, the living area with its open kitchen extends generously in front of us. A drink with friends upstairs on the rooftop terrace or rather a book on the custom-made sofa? Or perhaps all to ourselves? From this place of conviviality, emerge the private master suite with open bathroom as well as the study, separated by a glass door, as a contemplative space of calm, retreat, concentration. The design pays particular attention to the staging of different surfaces, which in their polyphony playfully disrupts the pristine nature of the new building juxtaposing patina with smoothness, roughness with sleekness - plaster against wood, patinated brass against natural stone. Organic liveliness and formal rigor merge in an entirely holistic concept that also includes almost all furnishings with specially designed and executed manufactured furniture and light objects.

Timeless, consistent, and highly functional, yet also infused with an underlying nonchalance that perhaps emerges precisely where craftsmanship doesn’t need to be showcased, but rather belongs to the self-understanding. The result is an urban living space that allows one to immediately feel the subtlety of its atmosphere and imperceptibly merges the rhythm of the big city with one’s own resting pulse. And in which the boundaries between Munich, Paris and Rome become fluid.