Casa Morelli

Casa Morelli is a vacation home in the hills of Chianti in the heart of Tuscany, completely restored by Holzrausch and extended with a spacious outdoor area. The center of the house is now a modern, open living-dining area with a kitchen. A large panoramic window that can be opened completely, combined with specially handcrafted cotto floors, creates a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces and allows views of the rolling Chianti hills. In the spirit of reducing the variety of materials as much as possible, cotto is also used as a wall covering in the showers, by the fireplace and in the kitchens. Wood paneling in bog oak, washbasins made of solid travertine blocks, and slightly iridescent wall plastering emphasize the handcrafted character of the house. The freestanding furniture was specially designed and hand-built by Klaus Lichtenegger. The lighting concept was created in collaboration with Munich-based design firm OHA. Casa Morelli was awarded the iF Design Award, the German Design Award, and the Iconic Award in 2021 and has been published internationally many times.